Fornax is a synth based around the shapes of constellations. It breaks completely new sonic ground, encompassing the process of additive synthesis to create different soundscapes, with a sleek intuitive interface. By clicking on the screen the user has the power to create several voices which then stack up to create a droning sound.


Fornax is intended for Musicians and artists with an interest in synthesis. (perhaps starting out or looking for an interactive tool to use in performance.)

Through sourcing our users preferences, the first website we came across was performance-on-ios/. We found out that the common thread for all these applications were their pleasant perceptive design. Next, was the website, in which we also saw the growing trend in music software developing a stronger visual presence (from ableton to logic pro). Finally, speaking to fellow musicians and artists on tools for performance, we have found that the majority’s preference is towards a tool with a strong visual representation of not only how the application looks, but also how they are controlling the sound.


Prototyping and iteration enables us to see what worked in our project and what didn’t work. We managed to change the layout of the interface due to receiving feedback on our early prototype model. It also helped us eliminate problems that may occur when a lot of people start using the program. We worked to resolve an error, which caused sounds to overlap, due to a long release time. In our final program we managed to tame this problem.

Early processing prototype to decide what interface to use in the final program

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 19.37.25

Our project was successful because from the beginning, our sound design goals remained the same till the end. Although changing the visual aesthetics and the way that the user and the program communicated, the initial goals of what we wanted to achieve from a sound design standpoint remained the same.



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